The President of ELLIOTT & ASSOCIATES, Ltd. is Bill Elliott. Bill Elliott has been in the investigative business for over thirty (30) years in both the public and private sectors. Prior to starting ELLIOTT & ASSOCIATES, Bill was the Special Agent in Charge of the Albuquerque Office for the New Mexico Attorney General. During his tenure with the Attorney General, Bill was responsible for conducting investigations into everything from public corruption and voter fraud to major racketeering and trafficking cases. Bill Elliott is the only Certified Legal Investigator (CLI´┐Ż) in New Mexico and is also a Certified International Investigator and Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator.

The Vice President of ELLIOTT & ASSOCIATES, Ltd. is Deborah Elliott. Debbie Elliott has been conducting investigations in the private sector for over thirty (30) years and into everything from industrial espionage to missing persons. Deborah Elliott is a Certified International Investigator. Debbie Elliott is also a native New Mexican who can trace her roots back to the Conquistadors who originally explored New Mexico for the King of Spain.

When you need an investigation conducted in New Mexico you need people who have the contacts and resources to get the job done and done right. The people you need are Deborah and Bill Elliott.