BILL ELLIOTT has been conducting criminal defense investigations for over twenty-five years and is considered a criminal defense investigative specialist. Working with criminal defense attorneys on both state and federal cases we have been responsible for the exoneration of numerous individuals who have been charged with everything from murder to trafficking of controlled substances.
Bill Elliott has investigated hundreds of criminal cases working with defense attorneys on behalf of their clients who have been charged by the state or federal government with having committed a crime. Bill Elliott has both the training and expertise needed to conduct critical case analysis that can often point to areas of reasonable doubt in a criminal case. In many of the cases we have assisted with, we have been successful in finding evidence to prove that the person charged with the crime did not do it, or we were able to develop information with which to mitigate the circumstances. Among the many cases that were dismissed prior to trial were Murder charges in both state and federal courts, as well a trafficking charges and fraud charges.
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